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Terrakan was created to satisfy all needs of real estate development with the growing technology. Easily manage and see all your project by navigating through our vast database and online resource. Terrakan offers a wide variety of services under one site to save you time, and more importantly, money!

Regardless of knowledge, resources, or experience, anyone can become a real estate expert with the right tools. Terrakan is the most powerful real estate data evaluation and analysis app, currently serving Los Angeles properties. Start your journey today with Terrakan.

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What we bring

Terrakan represents the solution to the lack of a centralized online website in regards to real estate development. We aim to provide the most comprehensive property development service.

Collaborate on Projects

We added VPM (Virtual Project Manager) as a tool to support our users to track their development projects. VPM allows project participants to organize information, track/visualize progress, add and collaborate with project team members to share everything you need about a project in one dashboard.

In-depth Property Data

We created comprehensive property reports to tailor specifically to real estate developers and homeowners interested in developing. You can see everything from the current state of the property to its full development potentials. Single-family property’s reports offer

Streamline your property search

Skip the middlemen to search directly for a property tailored to your specifications. You no longer have to wait for your agents or broker to get the information for you! Personally research and prepare for your investment, so there are no surprises. Predict potential pitfalls by assessing the costs, risks, and benefits through our reports.

Encouraging the next generation of Real Estate Developers

We believe in passing down knowledge to the next generation/ We strive to provide abundant information and resources to those looking to become the next big real estate developer. With the increase in supply and demand chain in real estate, updated strategies will be needed to keep up with the changing market. Terrakan will continue to develop and adapt to offer the best fitting service to help all real estate professionals thrive.